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Another great Swedish Biedermeier secretaire writing desk for your collection

It is very unusual to find mid 1800s Biedermeier pieces of this quality in Sweden and we are very happy to present this stunning Swedish Biedermeier writing desk chiffonier.

It has massive storage with the 3 main drawers and a very economical footprint which is perfect for apartment living.

The flip down writing desk gives the tallboy a clean front when it is up and is perfect for laptop use as your office. Behind the desk top there are 12 mini drawers which give great tech storage and a hidden 'secret' drawer on the top - a very cool feature.

I love this type of golden birch finish. The rich french polish gives the curls in the wood real 3D depth and lustre. So it can stand in your room as an objet d'art but at the same time be an incredibly useful pieces of storage and a collapsable workspace. Pretty cool huh?

Also I really like the detail of the 'hidden' drawer on the top - it is a fun detail and you can keep your vapes in it!

The other great thing about the swedish biedermeier is that the honey finish can mix so well with 60s or more modern furniture. It is very different in feel from the red dark mahogany finish that is so hard to accessorise.

Finally don't forget to use furniture polish on the finish to keep it clean. No chemicals or bleach based products as they will damage the polish finish.

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