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Biedermeier furniture is the stylish option for longevity

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Fashions come and fashions go - Biedermeier furniture lives forever.

Last year it was mid century swedish modern that was in vogue, now its 1980s italian furniture - when will the style merry-go round stop?

It never does as the new wave of designers rediscovers the past - we live in a world of film mashups, music retreads, reboots - so much for originality and i guess thats what you expect to see in design too.

It feels like we have seen it all before and thats because we have - the ground breaking design of the past 200 years is over and its now either 'lets do it again' or lets get crazy to try and garner some instagram credibility.

Sad really.

For those in the know who are happy to make their own taste, antique swedish biedermeier furniture is a perennial style icon that people come back to once they decide to get off the design merry-go round.

Beautifully constructed by master craftsmen, in materials of a quality that its impossible to get now in todays 'amazon made in china' world.

Sourcing veneer show woods for example of the quality used in biedermeier and art deco to grade furniture is nigh on impossible now and even if you find it, how many top level french polishers are left who really know their stuff because they apprenticed and worked their way to a level of skill that no 'college after hours course' can teach.

In a trump / boris johnson world, it is a sad indictment of where we have got to, but thankfully with swedish biedermeier and art deco furniture you have something that will last you forever and bring pleasure to your world every day as you look out over the wreckage of the 21st C world as it disappears up its own 'uber'.

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