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buying a swedish biedermier antique table

swedish biedermeier tables are always finished in the most beautiful show woods with a lush french polish polish that really brings out the detail.

Normally it will be a form of quilted or tiger stripe golden birch but in rare cases it might be figured mahogany, cherry wood, satinwood or birdseye maple.

Colourwise the french polish finish can be the classic honey colour we all love through mid oak down the the darker browns and reddish browns of a mahogany stain finish.

The antique swedish biedermeier drop leaf tables we have for sale are especially useful as the can be both a side table at about 94cm wide through to a card table at 140cm wide by just using the dropleaf wings.

This makes them great tables for show and then you can pull them out for use when you need them and lift up the leaves on either side that get supported by a sturdy wooden extension post.

They often have a rectangular or sometimes circular column for the single pedestal with 4 feet on the plinth but you can also find double pedestals and have decorative features and carvings with lovely ormolu detail.

As they are sturdy, they are great for daily use but do protect them for glasses and cups with a small matt to prevent ring marking of the french polish finish.

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