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Choosing you Perfect Swedish Biedermeier antique

Unlike german biedermeier, swedish biedermeier furniture has a curve and soul to it that other biedermeier pieces lack.

They are less severe in structure and there is something very pleasing about the way swedish biedermeier sofas, table and chairs sit harmoniously in your home environment.

Swedish biedermeier furniture are well made and so will stand up to the rigours of daily use and feature the highest quality workmanship and materials - the show wood veneers and french polished finishes are exemplary and have a wonderful sheen to them.

In an apartment, they can be come a real visual focal point in a room and if you stuck for space a swedish biedermeier chiffonier which doubles as both storage drawers and a writing desk is a great space saver with the flip down writing desk lid and hidden mini drawers - great for laptops and mobile working.

Match that with a super comfortable and supportive swedish biedermeier carver chair and you will have hours of chilled work time at your pleasure.

In larger rooms the bigger biedermeier sofas which seat 4-6 people are great for entertaining and also lying across if you want to read or lounge in front of the TV in comfort as they are fairly deep and so you can have lots of cushions for added relaxation.

Don't foget though to use table mats on your swedish biedermeier tables as glasses and hot cups can make ring marks on the french polish finish and then you will have to get your swedish biedermeier table repolished all over over again!

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