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Swedish Antique Biedermeier Furniture in 2020

So here we are in 2020 with the world on the edge, Brexit finally going ahead, Coronavirus spreading through the world and authoritarian regimes taking over so many countries.

Let us focus on the good stuff as the rest is just too damn depressing!

It is a very good time for you to start your collection of Swedish antique Biedermeier Furniture.

As the fad for mid century dull brown coloured furniture fades ( thank god), lets celebrate the new decade with the splendour and artistry that you find in Swedish Biedermeier antiques.

I find the styling and colours really uplifting - the opposite of the shit produced chinese made furniture that everyone sells now to get to the lowest price point possible.

The beautiful construction with top quality materials is such a change from the modern way of doing things so you sit in a next of 5" copper coil springs that provide really strong support for your back on a really solid frame made with love.

As a natural wood fan, the veneers really do it for me with the rich quilted and flame patterning inherent in the top grade of golden birch veneers and the beautiful haunting honey colour french polish finishes on the tables, chairs, sofas and other furniture.

Biedermeier carver chairs I think look fantastic - they are very comfy to sit and and make great accents in a room or hallway as they really draw the eye.

Biedermeier tables too have the wow factor with the quarter veneer patterns and the ormolou style finishing and carved pedestal feet.

If you want storage, the Biedermeier writing desk / Chiffonier are a brilliant space saver with enormous storage in a very small footprint and the drop down desk top that is perfect for laptop working in the modern way.

Then the stunning decorated Biedermeier Drawers - why does storage have to be utilitarian and boring. No it does not!

Wonderful to look at and so much space for your stuff.

Make 2020 your year to go Biedermeier!

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