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Swedish Biedermeier carver chairs - the art of sitting

Amid the flurry of contemporary plastic and mid century modern, the aesthete still yearns for quality of design and construction which is why swedish biedermeier craver chairs are continually in demand especially in the USA.

Do you want to use your Swedish Biedermeier carver chairs as a design feature either singly or in pairs? They are great for accenting a hallway, office, library or dining room.

It is the unusual shape that catches the eye - the slight forward behind in the front legs giving a pleasing effect like a spanish horse bowing or the napoleon hat back rest ( or donkey drop ears as i like to call them) with its delicate arch.

The webbed seat at a generous 55cm x 55cm always provides great comfort and it creates a very strong sitting position for added pleasure with the curved arm rests at just the right height - all in all a very clever piece of design.

Usually the biedermeier carver chairs are finished in a top grade show wood in a light honey, mid oak or darker mahogany french polish finish and the veneers themselves will be either quilted or tiger striped golden birch satin wood, cherry wood or mahogany.

The lush finish sparkles and the waves in the quilting of the wood bring it visually to life.

So next time you want something beautiful and exciting - think Swedish biedermeier carver chairs

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