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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

In todays world, old skills are vanishing fast.

If you need a seat re-caned, a sprung seat sofa reupholstered or an antique repaired it is becoming increasingly difficult to find really skilled artisans to carry out the work for you.

Whereas in earlier years the artisans were held in great esteem and son followed father, there are precious few young people who are choosing to learn the old crafts and make them into a viable business.

Partly it is driven by todays techno society where everyone wants to be an instagram star and not actually do anything but also the attention span of the younger generation is just not cut out for lengthy study, practice and the apprenticeship necessary to really master an old craft.

There are courses available for those wanting to learn but again the amazon driven consumer environment makes it difficult to turn those skills to a successful business.

After all why get something old repaired at a high cost when you can just buy cheaply but nice looking junk made in china and then chuck it after a couple of years.

It what i call the primark factor - its bad for the environment , the UK economy, the safeguarding of traditional skills and the longevity of our 'stuff'.

French polishing which is a very complex art is one of those dying trades - we have an amazing french polisher who does incredible work with love but he is one of teh few left and once he is gone then more or less thats it.

Its sad but that is the state of the world as it is today where people only care about a cheap price, quick delivery and the fact that it is the latest fashion ( for this 5 minutes) or that some talentless instagram celebrity has decided they like it.

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