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What next for Swedish Biedermeier Furniture?

The USA is the biggest market at the moment for Swedish Biedermeier furniture as American collectors and designers seem to understand the intrinsic beauty, craftsmanship and stunning materials used in the creation of these pieces.

Russia too is a great importer of Swedish Biedermeier furniture too as the glamorous honey coloured finishes and swooping designs of the Biedermeier sofas, chairs, tables and cabinets meld with the Russian design soul.

While not everyone wants to create a super glam showpiece environment (in which Swedish Biedermeier furniture excels), if you want sturdy , comfortable, useable and beautiful furniture in your life, then Swedish Biedermeier is a great choice.

The storage is well made, spacious and finished in stunning quilted golden birch, mahogany or other show woods. It often has ormolu detailing and accessories like bone handles, mini pillars or secret compartments.

The Biedermeier dining tables are usually extendable and sturdily constructed for daily use and the Biedermeier dining chairs feature webbed seats that are very comfortable for a long evening's dinner and conversation.

Of course Swedish Biedermeier sofas are the greatest favourite with their deep fully sprung seats - great for relaxing, reading, resting and an easy life.

So when you decide to invest in Swedish Biedermeier furniture, it will not only be great to use daily but as the cycle of fashion revolves and Biedermeier again returns to the mainstream, you will find your friends and visitors commenting on how current your taste is and the beauty of your decor

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