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Why we love Swedish Biedermeier Chiffonier Writing Desks

The spaces we live in are generally getting smaller these days with apartment and we need compact furniture to give us right usage to space ratio. But we still want our environment to be beautiful, well designed and classy.

Given that most people no longer have an old fashioned 'study' with the big partners pedestal desk with the room finished in panelled wood with book cases on all sides, that doesn't mean that we don't have a need for a writing desk or these days more likely a laptop area.

Maybe the kitchen table will do for some people. But for the style conscious and the lover of beautiful things, a laptop space is necessary and important both to use on a daily basis and to look good too.

So Swedish Biedermeier Chiffoniers and writing desks are a great answer to this conundrum. The classic Swedish Biedermeier Chiffonier is a classic way to utilise a small space as they pack an enormous amount of usability and storage into a fairly small footprint.

Maybe 1m wide by 1.2- 1.5m high, the Swedish Biedermeier Chiffonier will have lower set of 3 or 4 drawers which give superb storage space. Then there is the ingenious dropdown table top which folds up out of the way when not in use and gives the cabinet a really lovely look with the french polished golden birch veneers having a wonderful shimmer.

With the table top down and a comfy chair it is the perfect size and height for laptop working with your favourite coffee, iphone and snacks all on the table top ( on coasters of course).

It is a very good piece of design that turned out to be immensely future compatible.

I also really like the very cool selection of mini drawers with the dinky bone handles that hide behind the flip down desk top. The best models also have mini columns too often finsihed in an ormolu style paint.

It always feels like a cool surprise to see them suddenly appear before your eyes and again is great storage for all the tech bits of modern living.

Of course I am a sucker for beautiful woods and the Swedish Biedermeier Chiffoniers always use the highest grade of quilted or tiger stripe golden birch veneers and when finished in the classic honey coloured french polish, they are just awesome.

You might as well keep your charging cables, usb sticks and other techno geekery in something stylish don't you think?

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